Hey! So I made a picture tutorial of how to do this cotton swab way of removing nail polish. It is SUPER easy and works 100% better than anything else I’ve ever tried. 
Things you’ll need: 
- One or two cotton swabs (I only used one) 
- Nail polish remover 
- Nail brush 
So the first picture is showing my nails fully painted with nail polish. I decided to do it with this nail job to show you how well this works. 
First- The next two pictures I have are just pictures of my cotton balls. The first thing you’re going to do is unravel the cotton ball until it is in that long shape.
Second- The next couple of pictures shows the cotton balls broken down more. You will take that first long shape, and split that into two. Then with those two long pieces you’ll break them into 10 smaller pieces for each of your nails.
Third- The next three show the nail polish remover I used and then what to do with it. You can use whatever brand of nail polish remover you want, it honestly doesn’t matter. Just take the cap off set it bottom side up, and pour a little nail polish remover into it. Next take one of your pieces of cotton ball, dip it into the nail polish remover, and put it over your nail covering all of your nail polish. Make sure it cannot come off easily.
Fourth- Take the rest of the cotton ball pieces and put them on to every one of your nails, make sure (like I said) that they’re on securely. 
Fifth- Wait one minute then slide the cotton piece off while pressing down on it. 
Sixth- This is the final and last step. All you have to do is take off any excess nail polish there may be on your nails with the nail brush, and you’re done! 
This honestly works so well, and is so super easy. I’ve tried a number of ways to get off my nail polish and this works better than everything. All I needed for both of my hands was one cotton ball, so it saves the money! I hope you all find this easy and helpful! 

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