*sees a pic of a skinny person* *inspired for 11 seconds*

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ANXIETY QUEEN on We Heart It -

Why does love hurt so bad? Why do I always feel the way I do? I just want love. I just want someone, but I’m so afraid to love or to be loved. Everyone is always hurting me and leaving me. Giving up and I just can’t deal with it. It hurts so bad. Why does it always feel like I have no one? Why do I have all of this pain bottled up inside me? Life shouldn’t feel like this. It shouldn’t be this way. So why is it? Life should be filled with greatness, you should be able to go through a day without crying. I know you’re always going to have a bad day here and there, life isn’t perfect and it won’t be. But you shouldn’t have these bad days everyday, right? I mean so much wrong goes on in this world, and it’s too much to take. There’s so much bad. So much hate. No love. No love. 

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"There is no way two men could even begin to take care of a child"


her real parents never even realized she was fucking gone.

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